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3D Visulized Interactive Education and Training Material

  • 可视化教学教具
  • 可视化教学教具


Introduction of virtual and visualization technologies can improve teaching environment of higher education, enlarge bearing capacity of colleges and universities, which meet development requirement of enrollment expansion in higher education in China currently. By resorting to multimedia technology and combining semi-physical simulation and virtual visualization to create modern experiment and training base for virtual rehearsal, and its “equipment” or “spare parts” are mainly “virtual”. It can “generate” new equipment according to development requirements and also can constantly update “equipment” and teaching contents in virtual environment, so that training can keep abreast of technological development, accordingly cultivating high-quality graduates and ensuring that knowledge-based technical personnel and management personnel meet the requirements of economic development.


· 3D virtual display facilitates to explore potential of colleges and universities

· 3D visualization and virtual reality working process of devices makes “always new” experiment and training base possible   

· Complete display of equipment composition and structure will advance construction of digitalized teaching

· Realize virtual anatomy and develop virtual teaching

· Space and time of teaching activities are expanded unconsciously and are further developing into virtual class and university

· It provides open and remote continuing education and imperative course teaching, and also offers opportunities for training of new technologies and higher vocation