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3D Visualized Technology and Operation Interactive Training

  • 可视化工艺与生产培训


3D visualization and virtual reality technology and production training is to display the whole technological process and system running process in detail prior to and after production, thereby enabling users to carry out initial and later training by virtue of this system, and then to master operating statuses of the whole line and each equipment on site. Users can realize visualized storage of initial data of equipment by resorting to visualized factory management platform so as to lay a feasible foundation for equipment whole life cycle management based on working conditions in the future.


It can realize the objectives like operating and technological training during production and in the early period:

· Grasp overall structure of production line through 3D scene

· Simulate production activities, discuss problems arose during production and conform remote solution through screenshot and 3D display

· It allows operators to understand principle, operation, and maintenance of production line through reciprocal transformation among 3D, 2.5D         and 2D

· Virtual operation realizes pre-training and understanding of basic procedures of equipment operation

· Initial training of technological process of production

· Initial training of safety production