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3D Visual Safety Management

  • 可视化安全管理


3D visualization and virtual reality safety management gives top priority to enterprise`s production safety instruction. It will directly push forward guidance on production safety and safe operation. Through 3D dynamic display, operators can accurately grasp operating specifications and standards and points for attention to step toward safety production, so as to reduce probability of occurrence of accident.


3D dynamic emergency pre-arranged plan is to simulate relatively real environment and implement pre-arranged plan via computer simulation technology. By rehearsing situations may occur (such as earthquake, fire disaster, flood, explosion and attack etc.) to simulate kinds of hazards data, conducts of related personnel and institutions, various countermeasures and responses.



·3D techniques integrated into media of TV and film will facilitate recognition and comprehension

·3D animation of safe operation will make the training interesting

·Grasp operating specifications and points for attention for safe operation in a short time

·Dynamic display will achieve profound understanding and deep memorizing

·Effectively enhance enterprise image and its social position

·All-round media helps to reduce duplicate narration made by people

·Lay a foundation for establishing 3D visualization and virtual reality system


Applicable to:

·Enterprise safety production training

·Educational guidance on operation for production safety

·Warning points for attention for production safety

·Visual management of enterprise

·Visual emergency pre-arranged plan management