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3D Visual Facility Management

  • 可视化设备管理
  • 可视化设备管理
  • 可视化设备管理


By connecting with existing electronic control system for production line to collect real-time data and conduct data analysis and mining, and then classify the results on the basis of requirements and submit the results in form of visualized data to each department. Moreover, by combining with statistics of actual production state, they can provide reliable and understandable visualized data for upkeep, maintenance, repair, replacement and retirement of equipment, and even its residual value, future update and utilization, offer visualized information support, comprehensively display status information of equipment, and facilitate to make decision.



·Real-time display of equipment running state

·Real-time display of production data

·Statistic of equipment running state

·Display of contents needed by equipment maintenance, such as lubrication and replacement of consumables etc.

·Overall planning of equipment down time for maintenance and statistic of replacement cycle of spare parts

·Equipment alert and its positioning

·Demonstration of maintenance plan

·Safety production training