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Remote 3D Visualized Spareparts Management

  • 远程可视化零部件管理



     Remote 3D visualized component management realizes connection between OEM and users, achieves management of predictive maintenance and repair (such as upkeep, maintenance, repair, replacement, modification, retirement and residual value application on the basis of equipment status) which are impossible under other technical conditions, and truly realizes whole life cycle management and zero inventory management of equipment.


Provide users with visualized equipment management platform:

· Remote guide on component replacement

· 3D library of equipment component. Components of each equipment are presented to user in form of 3D, so that user is easy to retrieve and know the equipment information directly

· User can select spare parts on 3D system. As the user selected components in 3D interface, the system will automatically create an order. Therefore, there is no need for user to spend much time on searching data and determining spare parts. Additionally, user and supplier can realize good communication.

· Through 3D images, users can look up records of operation, repair and maintenance of the equipment visually, so that they may fast and accurately understand the conditions of operation, repair and maintenance of the equipment.

· Supplier prepares goods and establishes spare parts library, user can inquire inventory status and order goods as required on the 3D platform, which saves purchasing time for user and makes their spare parts zero-inventory.