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Remote 3D Visulized Installation Guide and Testing

  • 远程可视化安装指导与调试


Remote 3D visualized equipment installation and testing is to virtually simulate remote guide on equipment installation and construction and solve the problem by graphical logo during promotion and construction of enterprise production line. It will acquire true testing data on site, simulate local operating environment, and truly realize remote testing by 3D synchronous simulation of operation during testing and pilot run.



· Remote visualization synchronous installation

· Remote visualization synchronous testing and pilot run

· Remote diagnosis and answering

· Simulate installation progress, discuss problems arose during installation and conform remote solution through screenshot and 3D display

· It allows operators to understand principle, operation, and maintenance of production line through reciprocal transformation among 3D, 2.5D and 2D

· Virtual operation realizes pre-training and understanding of basic procedures of equipment operation

· Initial training of equipment maintenance

· Initial training of safety production