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Remote 3D Visulized Education and Training

  • 远程可视化教育与培训
  • 远程可视化教育与培训
  • 远程可视化教育与培训


Remote 3D visualized technology can create brand new education and training environments and bring substantial changes to education and training. Virtual reality technology can generate virtual education and training environments, which is true reflection of training infrastructures in the real world. It can realize remote teaching modernization, enhance teaching effects and quality, and comprehensively improve students` competence. However, remote teaching modernization not only refers to equipment modernization, it should also contain profound meanings, including: modernization of remote teaching concept, remote teaching content and remote teaching method.



· Remote visualization . high simulation, function and operation of virtual training facilities are the same with that of reality

· Remote visualization . full open, unconstrained by site nor time

· Remote visualization . specific response, creating environment and then carrying out training quickly

· Remote visualization . wide application, skills, education, scientific research, acting and specific subject

·Remote visualization . interactive and safe, be personally on the scene, safe training environment