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3D Visualization&Virtual Reality Designing Plan and Evaluation

  • 可视化规划预案
  • 可视化规划预案
  • 可视化规划预案



3D visualization and virtual reality planning pre-arranged plan is to integrate user requirement and information feedback of visual design during planning scheme to provide user 3D scheme for equipment model selection so as to make the planning and designing more comprehensive, direct, visual and accurate and faster, which will largely save time for user to communicate with supplier and reduce communication errors. Meanwhile, user can fully understand composition of production line through 3D system before its construction, accordingly preparing for succedent installation and testing.



· Set up goal and measure elements of the goal: rationality, feasibility, balance of interests, fairness

· List existing conditions and available resources on a comparable display platform, and then conduct classification and weight sequencing

· Set up implementation steps that are achievable, risk controllable and as complete as possible

· Adjust and modify in the process of implementation on the basis of complete, timely and smooth exchange and update of information