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Lean Prduction Management Platform

  • 精益生产管理平台



     The core of lean production is high flexible and efficient production system. However, successful enterprise operation not only depends on excellent production operating and management system, but also pursuit high efficiency, low cost and high quality of a series of enterprise activities including market prediction, product development, production operating system, components supply system, circulation and marketing, and seek for higher operating efficiency in enterprise behaviors including enterprise organization, human resources, mobilizing people`s enthusiasm etc…


       The main basis of lean production is skillful field workers, technical personnel and low-level managers. They have strong awareness of enterprise belonging and participating management. In the process of designing and manufacturing, the product went through the hand of every technical personnel, manager or worker, and then its quality had been checked once. Therefore, it brought high quality and high productivity, what`s more, it changed the meaning of work to human.


      In short, it is a production and operation way which reduces cost while improves quality, increase flexibility of production system, and arouse people`s interesting and enthusiasm in work. And it is the objective of 3DVFA platform as management tool for enterprise operation.