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Innovation Management

  • 创新管理



      3D visualization and virtual reality system will help enterprise create new management mode from three aspects as follows:

      1. Innovation of management thought and theory

      2. Innovation of management system

      3. Innovation of specific management technique and method


      The importance of the three is increasing progressively. They are interrelated and interacted. The system can integrate various thought in special way or create special relations among thoughts. It will motivate organization of creativity and develop mew way to do things and new method to solve problems. It will form creative thought through visualization and transfer it into useful product, service or working method, and then constantly motivate new innovation on this basis, and improve creativity of enterprise. Scientific innovation and management innovation support and drive each other. It propels scientific research, technology research and development, management and system innovation into new forms, i.e. integration of technology and management.



      · 3D visualization and virtual reality . new method, mean and mode of management

      · 3D visualization and virtual reality . innovation of structure, culture and human resource practice of management organization

    · 3D visualization and virtual reality . organic structure, resource guarantee and close communication are conducive to overcome potential obstacles to innovation

      · 3D visualization and virtual reality . full of spirit of innovation, open system is of importance

      · 3D visualization and virtual reality . organizations with creativity actively train their staff to update their knowledge 

      · 3D visualization and virtual reality . enhance work guarantees and reduce worries

      · 3D visualization and virtual reality . organizations encourage their staff to become proficient innovators

      · 3D visualization and virtual reality . generate new thoughts, support to deepen and overcome obstacles actively and passionately


      Ten tendencies of innovation management of enterprise:

      · Change from profit maximization to enterprise sustainable development

      · Change from competition in traditional elements to competition in enterprise operation capability

      · Change from general cooperation mode to other forms

      · Skills and knowledge of the staff become important resources

      · Change from single performance assessment to overall performance assessment

      · Information technology changes operation pattern of enterprise

      · Concept of customer-oriented is emphasized and surmounted

      · Change from self-interest to fulfil social responsibility

      · Enterprise management innovation becomes mainstream

      · Enterprise management innovation steps into a new stage